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Here at Prescription for Warmth, we know that sometimes a little support can change someone’s world. Founded in 2021, we’re an organisation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions and strong foundations cemented in support.  

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring innovative ideas, different perspectives and who are willing to take risks. 

At our core, we want to inspire and support communities, drive positive change, and allow our actions not only to speak for us, but to shout for us. Through learning, research, communication, and partnerships, we provide single-step access to support services and organisations.


An urgent need usually prompts somebody to seek support and help; debt, poor mental and/or physical health, unemployment, bereavement, empty cupboards and fridges, no lighting, heating, or hot water. Once this need has been met, other concerns which are just as important, are ignored, forgotten, pushed away until they resurface, urgently and immediately. Our single-step service gives people the choice to access support for as much (or as little) as they chose.  

Rather than somebody having to seek out multiple support and advisory organisations themselves, we do it for them. Taking the stress, hassle, frustration, and uncertainty away and allowing them to focus on dealing with their needs.


Contact us to learn more and get involved. 

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